On Thursday 6th November 2008 we held a special service in the church to for all those in the parish who have been bereaved during the last 12 months. During the service each name was called out while a member of the family came forward to light a candle in remembrance of them.




Marc and Mary Taylor
Margaret Duckers
Maureen Donaghy
Cathering Sherlock
Pamela Edler
Enid Alexander Lyons
Sheila Mary King
Ronald King
Mary Jane Bowman
Bridget Mongan
Mary Grimster
Tom Grimster
Jane O'Leary
Peter Carlin
Derek McMahon
Florence Roberts
Ann Margaret Clarke
Richard Dunn
Mary Pedder
Joseph Cain
Kathleen Sinclair
John Quinn
Richard Guiton
Mary Kathleen Ellis
Joan Prescott
Vincent Alexander
Michael John Murray
Eileen Roberts
Reginald John Griffiths
Veronica Ronayne
Dorothy Hulmston
Michael Thomas
Maureen Thomas
John McKenzie
Lena Quinn
Pauline Tam
Margaret Cattrell
Thomas Gorry
Florence Mary Quigley
Stephen Smith
Win Morrell
Michael Cairns
Frederick Jackson
Francis Ogley
Winifred Lyons
Richard Guiton
Hilda Frances Dodd
Ian Gouldson
John McCormick
Audrey Bannon
Pamela Elder-Duckers
Bernard Proctor
Ted Hoskinson
Enid Lyons
Richard Cooper
William Brian Leay
Bernie Gallivan
Muriel Eyre
Mary McCarthy
Paul Fletcher
Trixie Hoskinson
Catherine May Keight
Laura Connolly
Joseph Richards
Alison Leech
Doris Gorry
Barbara Longhurst
Peter Chidlow
Philip Holland
Byrne Family
Ann Clarke