1946 - On 6th November the inauguration of the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour took place and has faithfully been continued on Wednesday evenings until the present day.
In 1951 having come safely through the war the parish celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Church on 28th October with Solemn High Mass celebrated by Bishop J. A. Murphy, the preacher being Canon Bernard Bell, a former curate of St. Joseph’s. The celebrations had been postponed from the previous year because of the illness of the parish priest Provost H.E. Hazlehurst. It was noted in the Birkenhead News at the time that the unique distinction of St. Joseph’s was that the parish had only been served by ‘two’ parish priests during its 51 years history. 20 parishioners were present who had been in the parish since the church was built and representatives from the Convent and Holt Hill School and nurses from St. Catherine's Hospital were also among the congregation. In the afternoon a procession took place from Holt Hill Convent to the church. In the evening the church was dramatically floodlit.
1951 - Also saw the first Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.
1959 - The first Carol and Candle Service took place at Christmas and is still held annually to the present day.
1962 - The Guild of St Stephen (for Altar Servers) was started.
1962 - The biggest event of this church year was the beginning of The Second Vatican Council which commenced on 11th October. A Novena of prayers was held in the parish which ended on the eve of the opening of the Council. The Council closed on 8th December 1965. During the period of the Council Pope John XXIII died on 3rd June 1963, and on 23rd June Cardinal Montini was elected Pope and took the title of Pope Pius VI.
1964 - As a result of Vatican II, important changes were made in the Liturgy, most noticeably in the change of language of the Mass from Latin to English, and the celebration of the Mass with the priest facing the congregation. Several other changes were carried out gradually over the next five years and were completed by 30th November 1969.
1964 - The Shrewsbury Diocesan Weekly Covenant Scheme was introduced into the parish and continues to the present day.
1964 - The Piety stall which can be found still in the church porch was opened on 20th September ‘’for a trial period’’.
1970 - In accordance with Vatican II, the first lay readers were appointed.
1975 - A practice was introduced whereby a statue of Our Lady is taken round the Parish during the month of October, stopping at a different house each night where family and friends gather together and say the Rosary. This practice continues every October.
1976 - In February the daily recitation of the Rosary was started. This took place at 12 noon every day.
1982 - On 30th May Pope John Paul II visited Liverpool as part of his visit to Great Britain. St. Joseph’s parishioners were well represented at this historic event both at Speke Airport and the Cathedral of Christ the King. Some youth of the parish also took the long journey to Cardiff to meet him at their own Youth Rally.
1983 - The Bishop granted permission on 1st January, for the parish to celebrate Sunday Mass on Saturday Evenings, which would fulfil the Sunday obligation.
1984 - In February ‘Decorators by Appointment to the Queen’ moved in and over the following year re-decorated the whole church in its current unique gilt and colours.
1989 - A Scripture and Study Group was formed and continues to meet weekly on a Wednesday evening.
1992 - On 7th June a speaker addressed all Masses on the Traidcraft Movement - a fair trade agency established to help the poor in the Third World. A Traidcraft stall was established in the parish to be held once a month. £200 was raised on the opening day. The stall still operates from the back of the church.
1996 - Father Ned Wall left the parish to join The St. James the Apostle Society (a society of secular priests working in the countries of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) and begin five years of missionary service in Peru. The parish continues to help and support him in his work.
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