Throughout the early and middle years there was a very active community life amongst the parishioners of St. Joseph’s. There were many fund raising activities such as Church Fairs and Christmas Markets, weekly whist drives, garden parties etc. A host of varied societies have formed and folded over the years, whilst some are still active in the parish today, including :

Children of Mary
St. Vincent de Paul
Boys Guild
Mothers Guild
Brownies, Girl Guides Scouts
Catholic Young Men’s
Society Tennis Club*
Parish Bowling Green*
Ladies Group
Legion of Mary

Guild of St. Agnes
Parochial Men’s Club
Dramatic Society
Guild of St. Stephen
Young Wives
Music and Literary Society
Over 50’s Club
Parish Library
The Grail
Justice & Peace Group
St. Joseph’s Development Society

1918 - In January 1918 the ‘’Children of Mary’’ was re-organised under the Sisters of Charity, Claughton Road, and meetings were held in church instead of the Convent.
1927 - It was announced on 23rd January that a Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society had been established in the parish and to this day is still fulfilling its very important role of support in the work of the parish.
A Boys Guild was formed for boys who had made their First Holy Communion. The guild was put under the patronage of the Brothers of the SVP.
1928 - The establishment of the Mothers Guild took place with the help of the Sisters from St. Elizabeth’s Convent in Claughton road. A branch of the Catholic Young Men’s Society took place in the following November.
1935 - A Ranger Company, Brownie Pack and Girl guide Company were formed.
1940 - The Parish Tennis Club* was formed in 1940 in the grounds of Devonshire Park School (now a row of houses at the corner of Clarence Road and Willow Bank Road). When the army took over the school as a barracks, the tennis club transferred to tennis courts that were situated on the site on which St. Werburgh’s School now stands. In the event the club had to close on the account of the air raids, the tennis courts having been hit. Due to the difficulty of access to courts the club was finally abandoned after the war.
1941 - On 23rd November a Boy Scout Group was established and on 22nd February 1942 the flag of the new St. Joseph’s Scout Troop was dedicated.
1942 - A catholic youth centre for boys was opened at St. Hugh’s School and one for the girls at St. Elizabeth’s Convent.
1942 - The Legion of Mary was established and still continues to do good work in the parish today.
1945 - Saw the re-institution of the Guild of St. Agnes.
1947 - On 18th September a parochial Men’s Club was opened on the old site of St. Joseph’s School in Dingle Road.
1948 - The Kingsland Hall in Borough Road was first used for parochial dances and continued to be used until 1956. This year also the inauguration of the parish Dramatic Society.
1965 - Father James Malloy established a Music and Literary Society (which latter split). The Music Society went on for several years after the death of the founder in February 197, to hold guest lectures and themed musical evenings.
1967 - A group of young mothers (now known as Young Wives) was started on 28th March and meetings were held in the Scout Hut at the bottom of North Road. The group still continues, the meetings now being held in the parish Centre.
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